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    Frequently Asked Questions

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    My child can't swim. Can he/she still be a part of the team?
    Yes! If your child is at least 4 years old, our coaches will teach them to swim as part of our Junior Wave program. Swimmers may spend more than one season on Junior Wave depending on their progress. Once they are able to swim across the pool without assistance, though, they are eligible to participate in meets.  

    We have a vacation scheduled during swim team season. Can we still be on swim team? 
    Of course! While we encourage families to attend meets, it is not a requirement. Just make sure to let the coach know of any absences as soon as possible.

    We are unable to attend a meet. When do you need to know? 
    Let the coaches know as soon as possible. Please indicate your child's availability using our Swimtopia website; if you have a good handle on your schedule, feel free to indicate your availability for the season rather than before each meet. The events for each meet are set 2 days prior (i.e. on Monday for Wednesday meets, on Thursday for Saturday meets). If you have not indicated your child's availability by then, it is assumed that your child will not be swimming that meet.

    My child is sick. Should we still try to come to the practice/meet? 
    If your child has an upset stomach or diarrhea, stay home. Nobody wants these bodily substances in the pool; the pool has to be closed for cleaning and you risk getting others sick. Just make sure to let the coach know by phone!

    It's raining. Is the meet/practice still on? 
    Yes, indeed! A little rain never hurt anyone and they are in the water anyway! But seriously, swim team is rain or shine. We only cancel (or shorten or delay) for thunderstorms (heavy rain, lightening), when it would not be safe to be in the water or outside.

    My child is interested in becoming a coach. What does he/she need to do? 
    Many of our coaches started out as volunteers until they became eligible for a paid position - our volunteers are an important part of our program, especially for Junior Wave. Your child must be 16 years old by the start of the season in order to be considered for a paid coaching position. Be on the lookout for when coaching positions are posted. Submitting a resume and having an interview are part of the process.

    How many events will my child swim?
    As many as 4 individual events and 2 relays for swimmers older than 6.  If your child is younger, they can swim 3 individual events and 1 relay. Coaches will put swimmers in as many events as they are capable of swimming legally.

    How do I know if my child is swimming a stroke legally? 
    You can always talk to the coaches about your child's skills.  If a child does not swim a stroke legally during a meet, they are disqualified and get a DQ card with some information about why.

    Where are the away meets? 
    Please check the schedule to know what team(s) we are swimming against and whether it is a home or an away meet. You can find the addresses of the pools where we swim here and use the usual tools to get directions.

    My child is only swimming freestyle. Do we have to be there for the whole meet?
    In short, yes. Check with the head coach to see if your child is swimming any relays. And keep in mind your job assignment during the meet.

    How are relays determined? 
    Relay teams are determined by times - the fastest swimmers will be on the A team, the next fastest on the B team, etc.

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