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What to Bring

Consider using a mesh bag to hold swimming gear.

▪ Bradley Farm Team Swim Suit and Team T-Shirt

Swim cap: Two caps are a good idea in case one rips.

Goggles: Two pairs is a good idea in case one pair breaks or gets lost.

Towels: Two towels is a good idea - one to sit on and one to wrap up in

Sun protection: Please bring and use sunscreen! Sunglasses and hats keep the sun off your face. Tents are a nice way to get out of the sun in between events.

▪ Sweatshirt and sweatpants for chilly weather

Drinks: Have plenty of water on hand for your swimmer to stay hydrated.

Snacks: There are concessions on many, if not all, meets, but it doesn't hurt to have your own supply of fruit, granola bars, veggies or other snacks.

Entertainment: Meets can take a while! Better to be prepared, especially if you have younger swimmers. Playing cards, small games, books, toys, etc. can help swimmers pass the time with friends. 

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