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Volunteer Positions for Meets

Swimming is a "people-intensive" sport. It requires the active involvement of family members, the swimmers, and the coaching staff working together to make a meet run smoothly and fairly. We literally cannot hold a meet without an adequate number of people to fulfill volunteer positions.

Parents are required to sign up through our website for a volunteer position for each meet. Failure to do so will risk your swimmer's spot on the team. If you are unable to volunteer during a meet, please talk to the volunteer coordinator to determine what you can do to help out outside of a meet. The Meet Volunteer Coordinator will assign parents to any vacant positions.

Parents who are assigned duties that take place during the meet (except for timers) will have the opportunity to leave their work post in order to watch their child swim, and are expected to promptly return to their duty between their child’s scheduled events. All parents are expected to report on time for their assigned duties as listed on sign-up sheets, so please check in with the volunteer coordinator when you arrive at a meet.

Starter/Announcer (Official): This position requires training. The number of each event, the distance of the race, the stroke, and the number of the heat are announced over the PA system. This person signals the start of each race (activate the starter system), working together with the referee. This person also makes any announcements for the meet. Volunteers should be comfortable with a microphone and name pronunciation, set an upbeat tone, and help set up and take down the PA and starter system.

Referee (Official): This position requires training. The referee ensures that the meet is properly conducted, the rules are properly enforced, and that swimmers have uniformly fair competitive conditions to the maximum extent possible. The referee instructs and supervises all other officials and has the final authority on all decisions. The referee alerts the starter before each race that the officials are in position, the course is clear and the race can begin.

Stroke and Turn Judges (Officials): This position requires training. This person watches the swimmers and writes a disqualification card for any violations of the USS rules for starts/turns and swimming the strokes. DQ cards are submitted to the referee.]

Data Manager/Scorer: This position requires training in the software used to manage team data. Results of events are entered during the meet to assign places to swimmers and track the score of the meet. This person should be comfortable using a computer and number pad, and be able to work quickly. Bonus: you get to sit at a table under a shade! 

Table Workers/Scorer: In this position, you work closely with the data manger.

Ribbons: Place printed labels (with swimmer's name, event, and time) on the correct place ribbon. Sort ribbons into folders organized by gender and name in ribbon boxes for swimmers to collect at the next practice. This job may be done outside of meet time

Clerk of Course: Organize swimmers for each event according to the heat sheet in order to keep the meet running in a smooth and timely fashion. Sort swimmers into correct heat and lane, moving them up as the meet progresses. It is especially important to help younger and less experienced swimmers get to the correct place well in advance of their race. You can offer your calming presence and support, and it's a great way to get to know the swimmers!

Head Timer: Instruct and supervise timers during the meet. Assign 3 timers per lane and designate the chief timer in each lane. Pass out timers and clipboards. Serve as a backup timer in the event of any stopwatch failures.

Timers: Get your stopwatch and lane assignment from the head timer. If you are the head lane timer, determine if the swimmer is present and in the correct lane, heat and event. Start the stopwatch on the flash of the strobe light and stop it when the swimmer touches the wall. The head lane timer records all 3 times and circles the middle time and gives the time sheet to the runner. This job requires attention, focus, and a fast finger. You will have the best view on the deck! 

Runner: Collect time sheets from timers and DQ cards from the officials and take them to the table workers. A good way to get your 10,000 steps in!

Concession Workers: You will assist in the set-up, running, and clean-up of the concession stand during home meets. This involves managing food and money. You may be lucky enough to run the sno-cone machine, making coffee, etc. 

Set-up: This job involves moving deck furniture, setting up tents, hanging signs, etc. using the map and to do list to get the pool and deck ready before a home meet (the night before morning meets and 45 minutes before start time of evening meets).  A good way to workout!

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